has made it into the Oxford English Dictionary (June 11 additions):

Lacking artifice; unsophisticated, unrefined; wanting polish or technical skill. Later also: unsubtle, tactless.

See here for our earlier discussion of the subject. Many thanks to Erin McKean for letting me know about this.

Added by a female actor, no doubt.
6.13.2009 8:18pm
American Psikhushka (mail):
Then again often a male will be blamed by females of many varieties for matters that weren't discussed and settled earlier, inartful or not. So often the choice is between being inartful and blamed now or being inartful and blamed more severely later.
6.14.2009 12:32am
OTOH, and interestingly, 'unartful' yields seven entries from Onelook. (You flagged its occurence in you previous post). I suspect, but certainly cannot prove, that 'inartful' is simply the result of someone have heard/read 'unartful' and "misremembered" it as 'inartful'. I must say that 'inartful' falls on my ear with a better cadence that 'unartful' (which sounds clunky to me; consider 'unconspicuous' v. 'inconspicuous'). Maybe a more pleasing phonology was the parent of 'inartful', but quien sabe?
6.14.2009 6:52am
Ben Barros (mail):
6.14.2009 9:36pm
[insert here] delenda est:
It took that long?
6.15.2009 10:26am

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