Court Takes Commerce Clause Case:

This morning the Supreme Court accepted cert in United States v. Comstock, a commerce clause challenge to post-sentence civil commitment of sex offenders. This case will be the first test of the Roberts Court's commitment to the federalism principles embraced (even if somewhat inconsistently) by the Rehnquist Court. The cert papers are on SCOTUSBlog here. Our prior posts on the case are here.

I'd post more, but I'm in Montana at the moment. So maybe later, and perhaps I'll be able to put up one of our bear pictures too.

J. Aldridge:

Commerce between independent powers or communities is universally regulated by duties and imposts. It was so regulated by the States before the adoption of this Constitution, equally in respect to each other and to foreign powers. The goods and vessels employed in the trade are the only subjects of regulation. It can act on none other. --James Monroe
6.22.2009 11:08am
J Aldridge:

Shows how much he knew.
6.22.2009 1:34pm

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