Happy 10th Anniversary to

Overlawyered, founded by my friend Walter Olson, turns ten today. I think it was the first legal blog, and I know it's still one of the best.

Jonathan H. Adler (mail) (www):
Happy Birthday Wally &Co.!

7.1.2009 12:53pm
Mark Creatura:
Are there others unable to access
7.1.2009 1:08pm
The VC's time should be comming soon, no? when does the VC turn 10?
7.1.2009 2:40pm
rosetta's stones:
Congratulations, counselors.

That one and this one have the best titles, for sure.
7.1.2009 3:03pm
Sasha Volokh (mail) (www):
ShelbyC: The Volokh Conspiracy (then called The Volokh Brothers) was founded on April 10, 2002. Here's the first week of posts..
7.1.2009 3:33pm
Seerak (mail) (www):
Is the whole *site* ten years old, or just the blog? I seem to recall hearing about this site well before 1999...
7.1.2009 3:39pm
Overlawyered is consistently funny, analytically sharp, and always careful to avoid confusing the personal qualities of those unfortunate enough to be featured with their legal or political mistakes. From memory, it's the second legal blog I started reading daily, soon after I started checking this site whenever I had a free minute at the PC.
7.1.2009 4:19pm
SSFC (www):
I seem to recall hearing about this site well before 1999...

It's always been a blog, even though "blog" wasn't a common term in the days of The first post was indeed ten years ago today.

Olson's modest. Calling it the first legal blog doesn't do it as much justice as pointing out that apart from, the clearly established champion, it's one of the oldest continually published blogs, period.
7.1.2009 6:07pm
Libertarian1 (mail):
Happy Birthday David.
7.1.2009 9:27pm

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