Lori Drew Opinion:

Orin is too modest to mention it, but Judge Wu's opinion in the Lori Drew case cites Orin's article on the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, several times.

theobromophile (www):
Congratulations to Prof. Kerr!
8.30.2009 1:13am
Mac (mail):
Most excellent!
8.30.2009 2:43am
Curt Fischer:
Is it extra embarrassing or anything to the prosecution, when the judge repeatedly cites the defense lawyer's scholarly works in support of his ruling?
8.30.2009 4:43am
Dave N (mail):
Orin is modest? :-)
8.30.2009 1:25pm
Harvey Mosley (mail):
I think Orin owes you a beer!
8.30.2009 6:09pm
And as a further note, OK said he had not seen press coverage of the ruling. But here in St. Louis where the case occurred, the reversal was reported and the press had a quote from the unhappy teenage victim's father.
8.31.2009 1:33pm

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