The Federalist Society National Lawyers Convention

will be in D.C. this year from Thursday, November 12 to Saturday, November 14. As always, it should be a very interesting and educational event, with first-rate speakers, including liberals as well as conservatives and libertarians. I highly recommend it; the conference schedule and registration page are linked to here.

I assume the breakout session on the Fairness Doctrine is just a gag.
9.17.2009 5:44pm
Psalm91 (mail):
Who among the many announced speakers is not conservative? Most are pretty well recognized on the right: Alito, Calabresi, Brown, Yoo, Chavez, Shales, Sessions, et al.
9.17.2009 10:42pm
I hope we are not confusing Guido Calabresi for Steven Calabresi. That Easterbrook-Calabresi debate sounds like it would be worth the price of admission.
9.18.2009 12:01am
Eugene Volokh (www):
Psalm91: Guido Calabresi, Alex Aleinikoff, Alan Brownstein, Tino Cuellar, Oona Hathaway, Lisa Heinzerling, Chip Lupu, Alan Morrison, Burt Neuborne, Scot Powe, Jamin Raskin, and doubtless others.
9.18.2009 9:39pm

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