A-sitting on a Raven
Alexander "Sasha" Volokh

("The Raven" by Edgar Allan Poe
in the style of "A-sitting on a Gate" by Lewis Carroll)

I saw a Raven late one night
(If hear me out you must);
Within my room he did alight
And settled on a bust.
"Who are you," said I, "crow of gloom,
This late night of December?"
And his answer journeyed through the room
Like a departing ember.

I was perturbed as ne'er before,
As wearily I pondered
On many massive books of lore
Through which I sadly wandered.
I sat there smiling at the bird
Above my chamber door,
And marveled greatly as I heard
Him mutter, "Nevermore!"

But I was thinking of a way
To open up my door,
And see, upon that lonely day,
The angel named Lenore.
I fast pulled up a cushioned seat,
Staying completely calm,
And said, in manner so discreet,
"In Gilead, is there balm?"

His accents mild had much in store.
He answered, "By the way,
Remember that this Nevermore'
Is all we Ravens say.
And so," he told me with a yawn
In the language of the Crow,
"Rather than hear you babble on,
I'll read some Edgar Poe."

But I imagined a device
To chase him from my door,
Because of all the dreadful lies
He'd told about Lenore.
So I chastised him for his sin
And stood a while aghast
And watched my soul lay down within
The shadow that he cast.

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