The Charge of the Black Raven
Alexander "Sasha" Volokh

("The Raven" by Edgar Allan Poe
in the style of "The Charge of the Light Brigade"
by Alfred, Lord Tennyson)

Flying in, flying in,
Searching for haven,
Into my chamber door fluttered the Raven.
I was morose that night,
I was a craven
When through my chamber door fluttered the Raven.

I was morose that night --
My soul was lost in flight
Far from the cruel and cold month of December.
Over a book of lore,
I mourned the lost Lenore,
Nameless forevermore,
Six feet below the ground, dead as an ember.

Books to the left of me,
Raven in front of me;
Wind to the right of me whistled and thundered.
When I asked of Lenore;
Sitting above my door,
He just said "Nevermore" --
At this pronouncement I marveled and wondered.

"By that God we adore,
Have you seen lost Lenore?
Is this word all your store?
In Gilead, is there balm?" These things I wondered.
Then he spoke up at last.
Quickly it came and fast.
When he said "Nevermore"
I stood there all aghast: my heart was sundered.
My odds of living were one to a hundred.

Wing to the left of him,
Wing to the right of him,
Plumage behind him, crest shorn and shaven:
When he came through my door,
Crowing out "Nevermore!"
I chased the bird of yore,
Told him to quit the bust,
With all my anger I threatened the Raven.

Now I am filled with gloom,
With this bird in my room, feeding my sorrow;
I will soon meet my doom
Sitting inside my room, dreading tomorrow!

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