Alexander "Sasha" Volokh
Refrigerator poetry

A Petrarchan sonnet

the bitter and enormous gardens play
a languid petal symphony at sea
how delicate the language is and free
a lazy ship will represent the spray
but were the scandal of our FDA
reactionary mother as can be
as liberally peddled on TV
repulsive chants will finger NEA
the moderate agendas from above
manipulate an over frantic race
elaborate entitlements produce
a sordid black administrating love
judicially intrigue-ing out of place
essential rights and beauty to reduce

A sonnet in the style of Pushkin's Eugene Onegin

as Bush and Clinton whisper money
and fiddle under FBI
you triumph after welfare honey
but christian men did not ask why
my fiscal minister was passing
and I am dreaming of harassing
& only watching Limbaugh here
rotunda influence is near
America pro choice & trusty
elected Reagan as her friend
but tiny donkey people spend
my market stock on woman lusty
we argue buzz consult & scream
yet branches legislate supreme

A Shakespearean sonnet

when federal constituents support
executives of gorgeous education
together filibustering a court
to regulate an anti market nation;
if Washington conservatives emerge
to crush the luscious candidate of labor
but worthy rival problem counsels urge
to worship-ful-ly lick a weakest neighbor;
a thousand communists at FCC
with prison apparatus never true-r
beneath a lawyer moment finance me
so capital smells always smoothly blue-r!
republican eternity is cool
economy abortions falsely drool

In the style of A.A. Milne's "King John's Christmas"

though balance would not leave it
against the slum of light
one vision said go heave it
in waffle music white!
from senator most politic
we lobby NRA
like center farm with survey red
as border graft at party bed
i did advise you-r ugly head
by barrel power gay

In the style of Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven"

in some indicator billion I enlist her secret trillion
after military hubris has an easy act of war
campaign goddesses compete-ing like an office monger eating
like my public servant beating what his govern-ment is for
anti justice congress chief who no attorney voted for
tell their record trust to soar

A limerick (barely shown)

a lesbian lobby or two
corrupted the ACLU
as presidents sing
some democrats spring
and cabinet budgets are true

A limerick

if class-ism folk run or sit
void peach basher stock men do hit
if moon storm deer still
serve rusted road kill
these next fire bridge club house saved it

(Sorry, I was really running out of words here.)

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