Alexander "Sasha" Volokh
Miscellaneous articles

Lock and Load: Protecting Individual Rights, Preserving Freedom, Saving Lives Harvard Independent, November 14, 2002 -- about the Second Amendment and gun control
Target Shooting Club Founder Urges More Gun Debates Letter to the editor, Harvard Law Record, September 12, 2002 -- responding to Danny Swanson's Apr. 25 letter opposing the Target Shooting Club (see his Sept. 19 rejoinder)
Cult of Capitalism Deserves More than Ginn's Short Shrift Letter to the editor, Harvard Law Record, September 14, 2001 -- responding to Cliff Ginn's column
To come: a letter to the editor Harvard Law Record
Letter Author Knocks on Matt Wood Letter to the editor, Harvard Law Record, November 10, 2000 -- responding to Matt Wood's Oct. 20 column
Good Fences Make Good Neighbors unpublished, June 1998 -- about why property is never really a foreign concept to indigenous peoples
n guilty men University of Pennsylvania Law Review, November 1997 -- a humorous look at criminal procedure
Faithful Incentives Reason, November 1997 -- about "deregulating religion" and "the economics of church and state"
Hollywood Strikes Out When Thinking About God Greenwich (Conn.) Time, September 26, 1997 -- about fallacies about science and religion in the Jodie Foster movie, Contact
History Shows Freedom Drives a Car Corvallis (Or.) Gazette Times, January 24, 1997 -- about automobility, Martin Luther King, and why the car is an instrument of freedom
The Trouble with Transit unpublished op-ed, December 1996 -- about the wastefulness of rail transit and how it relates to the Tribbles and the Borg of Star Trek
Money Fuels Freedom at the Core of American Society UCLA Daily Bruin, October 3, 1996 -- about why money doesn't make the world go round
Quasimodo, Property, and Sanctuary Middletown (Oh.) Journal, August 8, 1996 -- about the portrayal of property rights in Disney movies
Paper Lion: Why the Supreme Court Must Overturn TV Restrictions E-Net, July 24, 1996 -- about proposed children's TV programming mandates
Jersey City Privatizes Water Department Privatization Watch, July 1996 -- about the privatization of Jersey City's water department
Alcohol and the Heart May 1995 -- a review of the medical literature, submitted as part of CEI's petition to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms for a rule allowing alcoholic beverage labels to carry statements on the health benefits of moderate consumption
Ushka comes to shove The New Republic, September 13, 1993 -- a letter to the editor responding to "Devushki!", a piece about women in Russia by Liesl Schillinger in the August 9, 1993 issue
America offers new beginning UCLA Daily Bruin, February 5, 1993 -- about immigration and the Zoe Baird controversy
Gorbachev doesn't deserve Peace Prize UCLA Daily Bruin, October 22, 1990

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