The Scent of Tea and Sherry
Alexander "Sasha" Volokh

On an evening in December,
Storm-clouds hover, gray with rain;
Why must people still remember
Things that bring them grief and pain?
Now I feel so tired and weary
And my thoughts are full of ruth
For the scent of tea and sherry
And the memories of youth.

In my many meditations
I think back on days gone by;
Thoughts with happy connotations
From some evening in July.
Those were days when I was merry,
Days for which I sigh and pine --
When my mom drank tea with sherry
And its scent was really fine.

In the kitchen with my mother
I would sit upon a chair,
And one fragrance, then another,
Floated lightly through the air.
Then, my thoughts were light and airy
Like transparent crystal streams,
And the scent of tea and sherry
Was a background to my dreams.

But alas! I'm no magician,
And these days are past and dead,
Back when clearer was my vision
And uncluttered was my head.
Now my days are long and dreary
And I now am filled with gloom,
For the scent of tea and sherry
Wafts no more across the room.

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