Alexander "Sasha" Volokh
Tobacco policy

Rights Advocates Should Toast "44 Liquormart" Ruling Los Angeles Daily Journal, June 18, 1996 -- about the Supreme Court's decision in 44 Liquormart v. Rhode Island which broadened protection of commercial speech
Kessler's a Drag Wall Street Journal, August 8, 1995 -- about then-FDA Commissioner David Kessler's efforts to regulate nicotine as a drug, printed in a two-op-ed spread called "Smoke and Fire," illustrated with a still of Bette Davis smoking from Now, Voyager, side by side with an op-ed favoring regulation by Barry Goldwater
Radio interview WJR radio, Detriot, August 8, 1995
TV interview Newsnight, New England Cable News & WGBH-TV
Ad Bans Are a Bad Idea San Marino (Cal.) Tribune, August 31, 1995
Comments on commercial free speech and tobacco delivered at a commercial free speech conference at The Aspen Institute, Wye, Md., October 30, 1994, sponsored by The New York Society for International Affairs, Inc. and Libertad, Inc.
Lighten Up On the civic duty to smoke
Safety is a relative thing for cars; how about cigarettes? Advertising Age

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