Alexander "Sasha" Volokh
Universities -- race & radicalism

Quotas in India Have Yet to Create Harmony Los Angeles Daily Journal, November 5, 1996 -- about affirmative action, there and here
Mr. Smith Goes to Sacramento The Defender, January/February 1996 -- describing the legal background of the California Supreme Court's Smith v. Regents decision
Radio interview on race relations at universities Which Way L.A.?, November 1, 1995
Students can, and should, get their money refunded UCLA Daily Bruin, October 2, 1995 -- urging students to take advantage of their right, guaranteed in the California Supreme Court's Smith v. Regents decision, to get a refund for portions of their registration fees that went to support religious, political, or ideological organizations
How Race Adds Up for UCLA Entry by Alexander Volokh and Shechao Charles Feng, Los Angeles Times, July 18, 1995 -- about how race is considered in UCLA admissions; The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education, which reprinted the piece in its Autumn 1995 issue, called it "one of the best papers" they had seen "on the conservative side"
Chicana/o vandalism! UCLA Daily Bruin, May 18, 1993 -- about the Chicano studies demonstrations and disturbances at UCLA
Syllabus controversy unjustified UCLA Daily Bruin, April 22, 1993 -- about the uproar over one of my economics professors' syllabi
Viewpoint: Who's [sic] point of view? UCLA Daily Bruin, September 29, 1992 -- about the extreme left-wing slant (surprise!) of the Daily Bruin Viewpoint section

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