“Danes claim blister gas find”:

Danish troops have found dozens of mortar rounds buried in Iraq which initial tests show could contain blister gas, the Danish army said on Saturday local time.

The Danish army said the 36 120mm mortar rounds found on Friday had been buried for at least 10 years.

“All the instruments showed indications of the same type of chemical compound, namely blister gas,” the Danish Army Operational Command said on its website, cautioning that further tests were needed.

Blister gas, such as mustard gas, an illegal weapon which former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein said he had destroyed, was extensively used against the Iranians during the 1980 to 1988 war. . . .

I’ll believe it when more thorough tests are done — in the past, supposed discoveries of chemical weapons haven’t panned out — but I pass along the news for whatever it’s worth.

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