Jews, homosexuals, Canadians, left-handers, and libertarians:

Randy’s post reminds me of a riddle I came up with several years ago — what do Jews, homosexuals, Canadians, left-handers, and libertarians have in common?

     Answer: They spend a lot of time talking about who is Jewish, homosexual, Canadian, left-handed, or libertarian, but is not widely known to be so. Gwyneth Paltrow is half-Jewish. Yes, but did you know that William Shatner is actually Canadian? (And a Jew!) Oh, but Drew Carey is a libertarian. . . . (I do not know whether the other groups have an equivalent of the Hannukah Song, though.)

     (There’s even a good theoretical explanation for this: Each group is (1) a minority that’s (2) not very visible, (3) feels oppressed (in the Canadians’ case, by being ignored), and (4) thinks of itself as superior.)

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