Another Leftist Bush-Basher:

Which famous North Carolina politician said the following to Business North Carolina magazine about President Bush’s tax cut?:

“I would not have voted for the tax cut, based on what I know. I think he was eager for attention, so the fellow down at the pool hall could say, `Boy, that fellow has guts.’ There is no doubt that the people at the top who need a tax break the least will get the most benefit. I think he just wanted to show he had guts to do something. Too often presidents do things that don’t end up helping the people they should be helping, and their staffs won’t tell them their actions stink on ice. You know, not too many people will criticize a tax cut, but it’s going to be costly.”

If you guessed Jesse Helms, go to the head of the class!

(Thanks to Brad DeLong for the pointer.)

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