More on Wars, Memos, and the Blogosphere:

I received a flood of mail about my earlier post on the blogosphere’s coverage of the CBS memos. Almost all of it said the same thing: the blogosphere’s coverage of the CBS memos is extremely important. The CBS memos raise the question of whether we can ever trust the mainstream press; they raise fundamental questions about the role of the press in a democracy. It is vitally important that the blogosphere agressively pursues this story to act as a check on the mainstream media.

   Here’s my response: All of these are great reasons to cover the CBS memo story. But they don’t provide very good reasons to cover the story as if it were the only thing going on in the world right now. The CBS memos deserve front page coverage- for a day, maybe two. They deserve some blog posts — maybe two, maybe three. But my sense is that something different is happening. My sense is that bloggers are embracing Memogate to the exclusion of other things, as if it were an enormous relief to be able to lose ourselves in the story. The story lets the right half of the blogosphere feast on some of its favorite themes: damn that liberal media, blogosphere to the rescue, etc. Don’t get me wrong, those are good themes. But at some point the hearty appetite begins to look like escapism. And I think we’ve reached that point, if not passed it long ago.

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