The CBS investigation will not report until after the election.–

Some bloggers are disappointed or angry that the outside team investigating the CBS story that used the forged Bush Guard documents will not report until after the November election.

I disagree. If I were at CBS, I would do the same thing–wait until after the election for the post mortem. It IS a distraction to the election. Do we really want to be critiquing a CBS report in the week before the election, instead of focusing on the election itself? I don’t. Publication in the week before the election would be the best way to bury the story.

The suggestion that I have is that the investigative panel (Dick Thornburgh and Louis Boccardi) post their preliminary report on the internet so that bloggers and the public can comment–pointing out mistakes or important questions unexplored. At least the four or five biggest omissions or mistakes could be addressed in the final report.

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