A caution on the Nevada vote fraud story.–

Like Eugene, I was going to post on the Nevada vote fraud story.

But then I saw Kerry Spot’s post pointing out that the supposed Republican leaning Nevada vote organization appears to be part of the Democratic get-out-the-vote drive, including ACORN, who has been implicated in voting fraud charges in other states.

I decided not to post until this has been sorted out, but Eugene’s characteristically cautious post caused me to reconsider.

The Nevada account could be real Republican dirty tricks, or it could be Democratic dirty tricks: throwing out some Democratic registrations and tipping off the press where to find them. I am skeptical that an organization backed by ACORN, the AFL-CIO, and Emily’s List would be tossing out Democratic ballots except to trick the press. But stranger things have happened.

Is the Nevada story a hoax, or is it true? I don’t know.

UPDATE: A reader sent a link to this story that suggests that two voter organizations are using the same name, which may make the Nevada news report more plausible.

2d UPDATE: Mark Kleiman is angry enough about the Nevada trashing of ballots to offer a modest proposal for capital punishment or torture for those committing election fraud.

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