Likudnik, One More Time:

Brad Delong writes:

I use the word “Likudnik” routinely to refer to those in American who support Likud, and who believe that the national security of the United States is advanced by feeding Likud’s annexationist fantasies. I’m not an anti-semite. And I don’t like being called one:

The Volokh Conspiracy – : …the phrase “Likudnik” is gradually becoming a general anti-Semitic term for Jews whose opinions one doesn’t like…. “Likudnik” has become a term of disapprobium analogous to the term “Uncle Tom” for non-left-wing blacks. Just like it’s assumed that moderate, conservative, and libertarian blacks must not be thinking for themselves, but instead serving “the Man,” so moderate, conservative, and libertarian Jews must be serving the interests of right-wing Israelis (the obvious difference is that left-wing culture values African American self-interest and nationalism, while left-wing culture values Jews and Judaism only to the extent they are put in the service of internationalism and humanist causes.)… Well, the Left (along with the Washington Post, which used the term in a major article attacking Bush Admnistration neonconservatives) has let this particular anti-Semitic genie out of the bottle…

Suggestions for what should replace the Volokh Conspiracy on my regular reading list?

One of his readers responds in the comments section:

Bernstein on the Volokh Conspiracy doesn’t say that anyone who uses the term “likudnik” is an anti-semite. He says ‘the phrase “Likudnik” is gradually becoming a general anti-Semitic term for Jews whose opinions one doesn’t like.’ Which is my general impression as well. It’s becoming like calling someone a “cosmopolitan Jew,” or an “oriental” or a “negro.” These were once neutral terms, or even terms with positive connotations. But these terms’ meaning has shifted and they are now pejorative.

If you don’t believe this, I wouldn’t claim that you’re anti-semitic. I would guess, though, that you’ve been a little sheltered and haven’t read much of the borderline-anti-semitic left. You probably haven’t been receiving hate mail calling you a “likudnik monkey.”

In the end, Bernstein says ‘Let’s start by having a moratorium on the term “Likudnik” to refer to anyone but actual, declared supporters of Likud (I’m actually a Shinuinik, if anything), and only when they are supporting or justifying a policy on Israel-related affairs.’ This is almost the same as DeLong’s position. And posters on this thread seem to agree that this is the legitimate use of the term. So, what’s to object to in Bernstein’s post?


Given the Brad either didn’t bother to read the entire post, or didn’t read it closely enough to comprehend it, but nevertheless felt compelled to comment on it, I hereby invite him to cease reading my posts so he no longer misrepresents what I write. He can still read the rest of the VC by using this link.

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