Imperialism and Colonialism

Chris Brooke is plugging Sankar Muthu’s excellent book Enlightenment against Empire. I’ve mentioned it before, as well, but thought I’d take the occasion to mention the upcoming conference “Colonialism and Its Legacies” I’m cochairing with my colleague Iris Young April 23-25. (That’s the same weekend that APA Central is in Chicago– philosophers coming to town for that conference should feel free to walk the couple of blocks to our conference as well. Muthu is among the presenters; as are most of the other leading historians of political thought about empire and colonialism.

With the American Society for Political and Legal Philosophy meeting out of the way, the colonialism conference becomes my next full-time preoccupation. But speaking of the ASPLP, the newest volume of its Nomos series is out: Secession and Self-Determination, coedited by Stephen Macedo of Princeton and Allen Buchanan of Duke. I think it’s an especially good one, with contributions from Donald Horowitz, Wayne Norman, Margaret Moore, Mark Brandon, and Buchanan himself, among others (where, yes, “others” includes me.)

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