I just got back in town after a week-long vacation in St. Lucia in the Caribbean. I received Tom Wolfe’s new book as a Christmas present to take with me on vacation. For those who still have some down time to do some reading over the holidays, let me strongly recommend this book to you. I’m still digging out of my backlog of everything, so I won’t post much on it now, and will do so when I get more time to collect my thoughts. But I wanted to pass along the strong recommendation to anyone who was wondering whether to get ahold of it or move it up your reading list (which I’m sure is extensive like mine). This is definitely Tom Wolfe’s deepest and most interesting book, but still has much of the Tom Wolfe sense of style and satire. It hits on many of the same themes as his other novels, especially A Man in Full, but does so in a more interesting and less heavy-handed way than in the past.

The only problem for me was that I read this book at the beginning of my vaction and it was so good that it drained all of the fun out of all the other books I read the rest of the week.

Also, in terms of natural beauty, St. Lucia may be the most beautiful place I have ever been. Absolutely spectacular. Takes awhile to get there, but it is worth the trip.

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