Cathy Seipp’s Media Moments 2004

is much worth reading. My favorite:

May: I go to a Media Bistro party here in L.A. and get into a conversation about blogs with some guy from KPFK, the lefty Pacifica Radio station. A recent Blogads survey indicates that 80 percent of blog readers are men. “More women should write blogs!” the KPFK guy exclaims. “Then more women would read them.”

“Should we make women read blogs even if they don’t want to?” I asked. “Should we limit the amount of male blog readers…or prevent more men from starting blogs, since there are already so many?”



His argument sort of fizzled out there, as I guess even a loyal KPFK-er isn’t quite willing to enforce Stalinist methods for making All Blogs Equal In a Non-Sexist Blog Paradise.

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