Spectrum Policy in the National Journal:

Spectrum policy is a major research area for me (see here and here, for example), and I’ve been a bit disappointed that few journalists have shown an interest in writing on the subject with any depth. I’ve just run across, though, a very good article in the National Journal by Drew Clark called “Spectrum Wars” that manages to be accessible to laypeople, interesting, and — importantly — not too long. If you want to get up to date on current battles over spectrum, you should read it. And if you’re not sure why you should care, then at least take a quick look to see what’s at stake in these battles.

Shameless self-promotion: I cover some of the same ground at much greater length in the second half of my latest article, Evaluating the FCC’s National Television Ownership Cap: What’s Bad for Broadcasting Is Good for the Country, for which I am about to send out reprints. If anyone wants a reprint, please email me — benjamin [at] law.duke.edu.

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