Make Money Fa$T!

No, really, it looks like you can get some money quickly, if you live or have lived in California, and have some unclaimed property. I checked the Unclaimed Property Search site, and found some friends of mine have a couple of hundred bucks here or there coming to them.

Shockingly, my name isn’t on there, despite my scatterbrainedness in matters financial. I was sure I must have mislaid something. Better check the sofa cushions again.

Many thanks to the Ninth Circuit’s “escheating scandal” ruling (pointed to by How Appealing), which alerted me to this. If you find some money, send 10% to the Institute for Justice — or donate it to the Ninth Circuit, if you prefer.

Amusing tidbit from the “standing” section of the Ninth Circuit opinion:

Although plaintiffs’ newly acquired knowledge of the law — and their ability to monitor their property — can perhaps reduce the likelihood of again having their property escheated without notice, it does not make this likelihood “remote.” Indeed, that plaintiffs’ knowledge of the law (gained from their experience in this case) will not adequately protect them is demonstrated by the experience of judges who have participated in this very case. Although these judges also know the law, one district judge recused himself after an escheat of his own property was discovered, and the district judge to whom the case was reassigned avoided recusal only by waiving his interest in escheated property listed on the Controller’s website and by obtaining the
parties’ stipulation to his continued participation.