Customer Service Update:

Back in January, I had a post about poor customer service. One example was, my DSL provider. A salesperson had told me that the company wouldn’t hold me to my contract if I moved, but that turned out not be true. When I transfered my service in January, I was told that this would not start a new contract period, but be a continuation of the old one. This also turned out not be true. Fortunately, I learned my lesson and got this in writing (actually, email), and have now forwarded the correspondence to customer service.

Another example of poor customer service was Comcast, which first sent an incompetent to hook up our cable, and then set up two appointments that turned out to be no-shows.

On the bright side of things, I had Verizon Fios internet service hooked up in our new home today. The technician was right on time, was polite and helpful, and otherwise made the whole experience pleasant and trouble-free. I doubt Speakeasy is, or will be, much of a player in the long run, but based on admittedly very limited anecdotal evidence, I wouldn’t be surprised if Verizon (which also has Fios tv to compete with cable) eats Comcast’s lunch.

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