The New Anti-Blasphemy Laws:

For more on the resurgence — in the U.S., fortunately still mild — in attempts to punish blasphemy, see this thread here.

As I noted below, the Shmulevich prosecution seems to be an unusual sort of hate crime prosecution, in which Shmulevich’s punishment may be enhanced simply because he was motivated by religious hostility. But the connection to blasphemy seems to me clear: Speech or conduct that is intended to offend certain religious groups is especially likely to yield pressure for greater enforcement (e.g., from religious activist groups), and is especially likely to be obviously motivated by someone’s religion. It’s thus especially likely that someone who is blaspheming and who violates some other law — even, for instance, who merely recklessly inflicts more than $250 in damage on a bystander’s property in the course of a blasphemous act — will face vastly increased punishment.

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