Is Nothing Sacred?:

There’s a long and honored tradition of New York City employees with non-office jobs working only part of the day. My family’s alarm system, for example, was put in during “working hours” over a several day period by a city employee, who always seemed to be able to arrive by 1 pm. A close relative who worked as a city health inspector started work at 9 and was usually home for lunch.

After all, why would an employee accept government wages if he actually had to work a full day? Because of the extraordinary pensions NYC retirees receive? Please! If he wanted to work hard, he would have become an investment banker! I’m outraged that New York City is now actually trying to keep track of its workers during working hours. The dreams of thousands of New York City youths, who strive for the elusive “City job,” are being shattered.

UPDATE: Next thing you know, deans are going to start harassing tenured law professors who haven’t written anything in years!

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