Richard Lazarus, Guest-Blogging About Supreme Court Advocacy:

Last week, my coblogger Jonathan Adler mentioned to me Georgetown lawprof Richard Lazarus‘s new article, Advocacy Matters Before and Within the Supreme Court: Transforming the Court By Transforming the Bar, and suggested that it would be good to have Prof. Lazarus guest-blog about it.

I checked out the piece, and quickly agreed. This is a very interesting article, and one that I think many of our readers will enjoy hearing about: It’s about the Supreme Court, about legal advocacy at the highest levels, and also about a question that I’ve often seen raised in the comments — whether quality of lawyering affects outcomes much, especially at the Supreme Court level.

I’m delighted to say that Prof. Lazarus has indeed agreed to guest-blog about this piece this week. I’m also delighted that the law firm with which I’m affiliated on a part-part-part-time basis, Mayer Brown LLP, and three of its top lawyers — Andrew Frey, Andrew Pincus, and Stephen Shapiro — were all mentioned in the article.

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