A Heartbeat Away:

The homepage of the town of Wasilla, Alaska (population 5469 as of the last census), has links to three news stories. The lead story, as you might expect, is that the town’s former mayor, Sarah Palin, has been named John McCain’s running mate. The second story announces the town’s new website. The third advertises the “Baby and Me Lap Sit-Program at the Library.”

Before serving as Wasila’s mayor, Sarah Palin earned a B.A. at the University of Idaho, worked as a sports reporter for an Anchorage television station, and did commercial fishing with her husband.

At age 72, John McCain has already lived longer than his father, John McCain Jr., who died at age 70.

Sarah Palin looks like an interesting woman, but let’s hope she doesn’t have to stare down Vladimir Putin any time soon.

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