Justice Feddie?

Georgia’s Judicial Nominating Commission has released a list of nine individuals it recommends Governor Sonny Perdue consider in naming a replacement for Justice Leah Ward Sears on the Georgia Supreme Court. As reported in the AJC, those on the list are all prominent attorneys and judges from within the state. One nominee in particular should be familiar to the legal blogosphere: Stephen Dillard. An attorney at a mid-sized firm in Macon, Dillard was also the founder of the conservative law and policy blog, Southern Appeal, where he blogged under the name “Feddie.”

I like Dillard — I guest-blogged for him on judicial nomination stuff several years back — as does Mike at Crime & Federalism. PFAW’s “Right Wing Watch,” on the other hand, dreads the prospect of Justice Dillard. I would be surprised if Dillard gets the nod. He’s the youngest on the list and some of the others have more traditional credentials for this sort of thing. I wish him luck.

UPDATE: The questionnaire Dillard submitted to the Judicial Nominating Commission is available here.

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