Anti-Vick Shirt Barred from Eagles Stadium

The Philadelphia Eagles have decided to forgive quarterback Michael Vick for his crimes.  It appears Eagles’ fans must appear to as well — at least if they want to get into Lincoln Financial Field.  Security guards forced a fan to turn an anti-Vick shirt inside out if she wanted in to see the game.

Kori Martin, 32, of Broomall, said she was wearing a T-shirt bearing the words “Losers fight pitbulls” on the front, with Vick’s name and No. 7 crossed out. On the back, she said, were the words “You don’t deserve a second chance.”

Martin said she was stopped at the gate by security guards who said that she could not wear the shirt because it was offensive to players and that the policy came from top management.

After some discussion, she agreed to wear the shirt inside out and was allowed to enter the stadium.

A team spokesperson denied knowledge of any specific policy regarding anti-Vick clothing or paraphenalia at the stadium.

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