My Talk at the Constitution in 2020 Conference

For those who are at Yale or in the New Haven area, tommorrow I will be speaking on the “Localism and Democracy” panel at the Constitution in 2020 conference. The organizers were kind enough to invite me to provide a measure of ideological balance to a conference that is – quite understandably – primarily devoted to considering the future of liberal constitutional theory. My panel will be at 4:30, and I will be appearing with Ernest Young (Duke), Rick Schragger (Virginia), Ethan Leib (UC Hastings), and Judith Resnik (Yale, author of the chapter on federalism in The Constitution in 2020 book). The theme of my talk is described in my post at the Constitution in 2020 Blog.

On a personal note, it will be a bit strange to give a talk in Yale Law School’s Room 127, a place where I spent so much time sitting on the other side of the podium, as a student.

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