Want to do it the easy way, or the hard way?

In a new podcast from iVoices.org, I explain McDonald v. Chicago to Independence Institute President Jon Caldara. This is an 11 minute audio, which presumes that the listener is entirely new to the whole idea of incorporation. If you’ve got much more time on your hands, here’s an 86 minute video of my presentation on essentially the same subject in early September to the Triple Nine Society. That presentation too presumes no prior knowledge of the subject, but it spends a long time taking setting out the background, from Barron v. Baltimore, to Reconstruction, to substantive due process, to the present. Sophisticated watchers will note that I mistakenly said “Privileges and Immunities” sometimes when I should have said “Privileges or Immunities.” And I usually referred to the impending Supreme Court case as NRA v. Chicago, expecting that that Court would grant cert. in both NRA v. Chicago and McDonald v. Chicago, and the that popular name for the consolidated cases would probably be the former. I was wrong, as the Court granted cert. in McDonald only, and has made no decision in NRA, perhaps keeping that case in reserve in case some unexpected problem developed with McDonald. The very beginning of the video is cut, so it opens a minute or two into the presentation.

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