Top Ten Reasons Obama Won the Nobel Peace Prize

With David Letterman somewhat distracted, I thought I’d solicit nominations for a top 10 list.  Here’s a few to start off:

Consolation prize for losing the Olympics

Who gives a rat’s you-know-what about Afghanistan, anyway

The Nobel Prizes in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology were already taken

“We couldn’t give an ‘un-prize’ to George W. Bush, and this was the next best thing”

For extraordinary diplomacy at the Gates-Crowley “Beer Summit”

UPDATE: “Obama?  I thought we were giving it to Osama

The Norwegians wanted to honor one of their own, and the committee discovered that Obama was born in Oslo, Norway, the son of a Volvo factory worker.

ONE MORE: Norway needed to stimulate its prize industry, and Obama was willing to trade in an older, less efficient prize.

AND FROM THE COMMENTS: He was the 10th caller.

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