More Civility from the DNC

I just received another urgent message from the Democratic National Committee, which continues its civil discourse on the merits of health care reform. It seems that someone else is a lying liar who is telling lies but the DNC does not identify what exactly is being misrepresented. Neither does the video to which it links.

After fighting health reform with lies, deceit, and multi-million dollar ad campaigns, the health insurance lobby — America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) — recently released a report on the “effects of health reform.” Surprise! It’s full of flawed claims that reform would increase costs.

Many journalists and experts called the report “deceptive” and “implausible.” Even the firm that wrote it now admits they only looked at parts of the health reform plan — because that’s what the insurance lobby paid them to do. It’s exactly what we should expect from an industry that’s been fighting tooth and nail to kill reform, and is now preparing an all-out assault.

We’re not going to take it sitting down. So this week, we’re calling out the health insurance lobby.

The lobby has invested millions trying to convince Congress to oppose reform. So this week, we’re not simply debunking lies: The best way to Call ’em Out is to cut through the spin and tell our representatives to say “no” to deceitful lobbyists and “yes” to reform.

Call ’em Out: Health Insurance Lobby. Send a message urging Congress to stand with voters, not lobbyists.

This isn’t the first time the health insurance lobby has lied, cheated, or used misleading reports. This false report is just the latest salvo in a multi-million dollar offensive that appears designed to frighten voters and bully Congress into opposing reform.

In fact, just days after releasing the report, the lobby announced they will spend a million dollars on a television ad filled with debunked claims of Medicare cuts that could scare seniors away from supporting health reform.

We need your help to call out the insurance lobby and make sure our representatives understand that we’re counting on them to stand strong against their pressure.

Visit Call ’em Out: Health Insurance Lobby, and help fight back. Share a video debunking the health insurance lobby’s lies with your friends. Spread the word about their deceit on Facebook and Twitter. And most importantly, tell your members of Congress to say “no” to insurance lobby pressure.

Soon, health reform will be taken up by the entire House and Senate, and the insurance lobby will take their attacks to a new level. Their lies will grow more extreme — and it will be more important than ever that our voices are louder than those of the Washington lobbyists.

Call out the health insurance lobby today:

Thanks for helping us set the record straight about reform,


Jen O’Malley Dillon
Executive Director
Democratic National Committee

Happy to oblige.

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