Help me pick an constitutional law textbook

This spring I will be adjunct teaching at Denver University, Sturm College of Law. The course is “Advanced Topics in Constitutional Law: Fourteenth and Second Amendments.” The course will be mainly 14th Amendment, plus some Second Amendment (which is happens to be a good topic with which to study 14th Amendment original intent/meaning and incorporation), plus shorter treatment of the rights in Article I, sections 9-10; Article IV Privileges & Immunities, 9th Amendment, and 13th Amendment. The course is for second and third year students, who have already had a 1st-year constitutional law class, which was mostly about constitutional structure (commerce clause, separation of powers, etc.). One textbook will be Gun Control & Gun Rights, which I co-authored for NYU Press in 1999. For the main casebook, I am undecided, but leaning strongly towards Randy Barnett’s. Please supply comments about Con Law textbooks which you have used, and their various virtues and flaws. Of course I am especially interested in the pro/con user experience for the Barnett book.

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