Human Rights Watch Update

1. My op-ed about HRW’s problematic Middle East staff appeared in the Examiner newspaper websites.

2. HRW added new members to its Middle East and North Africa advisory board.  Surprise, surprise, they include several individuals with a history of anti-Israel or pro-Palestinian political activism, and none with the opposite history.

3. HRW’s Iain Levine, talking to the Guardian, blames its troubles on a conspiracy “organized campaign” and “coordinated attacks,” by “right-wing blogs,” NGO Monitor, and the Israeli government.  Self-reflection and self-criticism are not HRW’s strong suit, as is apparent by Levine’s continued defense of HRW’s Israel-bashing fundraising trip to Saudi Arabia, not to mention its apparent recent strategic choice of putting an employee with a Jewish last name out front on Israel-related matters, as if that makes any difference.

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