Reading Kindle Books on the Ipod Touch

I got tired of hauling so many books around on plane flights, and decided to try downloading some Kindle books to my Ipod Touch.  I don’t yet have a Kindle, although apparently if I am very, very good …  I know that Glenn Reynolds prefers the Ipod to read Kindle over the Kindle, but then he is a Known Geek.  However, I downloaded Nick Hornby’s Juliet, Naked for Kindle, and have been reading it more than I should on the Ipod.  Including late at night in bed, and my wife informs me she likes not having a reading light on and I should do all my late night reading this way.  At least when reading Hornby – many quick, humorous asides and cuts, light and easily picked up and put down – the small screen is okay.  However, reading on planes is one thing, but I’ve been sitting on the porch taking in the sun and reading on my Ipod.  Sublime ahead of the curveness or terminal geekiness?

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