IPCC’s Pachauri Should Shut His Mouth

The National Journal‘s Neil Munro has an interview with climatologist Judith Curry (featured in this, this, and this prior post).  The interview is a must read for those interested in the ClimateGate story and the broader questions about the intersection of science and politics.  There’s lots of good stuff in the interview — so you should read it — but I thought I’d just highlight one unrepresentative snippet:

NJ: What’s the role for the IPCC?

Curry: I staunchly support the IPCC, but when [chairman] Rajendra Pachauri comes out making all these really strong policy statements, such as the developed world has to cut back its energy use… and stop putting ice cubes in their water, and other crazy stuff… I don’t like that. These guys should pick people who don’t want to be advocates and will shut their mouths about advocating for policies. Otherwise, we don’t look credible.

Curry is referring to a recent interview in which Pachauri challenged the “unsustainable” lifestyles of people in the developed world and even suggested limiting ice water.  He didn’t say anything about the need of public officials to set an example — and with his air travel habits, it’s no wonder.

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