Truth on the Market Symposium on Interchange Fees:

Starting tomorrow (Tuesday Dec 8) and continuing Wednesday, Truth on the Market will be presenting a symposium on the topic of credit card interchange fees.  I’ll be participating along with a group of very distinguished economists and law professors.  This is one of the most interesting issues in consumer payments that I’ve looked at. Here’s the lineup:

The symposium will take place on Tuesday and Wednesday, December 8 and 9.

  • Omri Ben-Shahar (University of Chicago Law School)
  • Tom Brown (O’Melveney & Myers)
  • Bob Chakravorti (Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago)
  • Richard Epstein (University of Chicago and NYU Law Schools)
  • Joshua Gans (University of Melbourne Business School)
  • Ron Mann (Columbia University Law School)
  • Geoffrey Manne (International Center for Law & Economics and Lewis & Clark Law School)
  • Tim Muris (George Mason University School of Law and O’Melveney & Myers)
  • Allan Shampine (Compass/Lexecon)
  • Bob Stillman (CRA International)
  • James Van Dyke (Javelin Strategy & Research)
  • Joshua Wright (George Mason University School of Law)
  • Todd Zywicki (George Mason University School of Law)

Thanks to my friend Geoffrey Manne for organizing the program and inviting me to participate.  Check it out beginning tomorrow.