“Christian Hoteliers Cleared in Muslim Woman Abuse Row”

So reports BBC News; this is the prosecution I blogged about in September, when it was filed. A brief excerpt from the BBC story:

[Ericka Tazi] claimed the couple became enraged when she wore a hijab on her last day and accused Mr Vogelenzang, 53, of asking her if she was a murderer and a terrorist.

She also told the court Mr Vogelenzang called the Prophet Muhammad a murderer and a warlord and likened him to Saddam Hussein and Hitler.

But the couple denied her version of events and claimed Mrs Tazi told them Jesus was a minor prophet and that the Bible was untrue….

The two-day trial ended when Judge Clancy ruled that the evidence against the hoteliers was “inconsistent” and dismissed the case….

Explaining his reasons for dismissal, Judge Clancy said Mrs Tazi’s claim that she was verbally attacked for up to an hour had not been backed up by the other witnesses….

Go here if you want to read the rest. Thanks to Religion Clause for the pointer.

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