Sunday Song Lyric

I caught Katy Perry Unplugged on Palladia the other night. I was impressed.  There’s more to her than the pop tart image would suggest.  I was also quite surprised that one of the songs she chose to perform was “Hackensack” by Fountains of Wayne, a gem from Welcome Interstate Managers (an album better known for “Stacy’s Mom”).  It’s an affecting song. Here’s a taste:

I used to work in a record store, now I work for my Dad
Scraping the paint off of hardwood floors, the hours are pretty bad
Sometimes I wonder where you are, probably in L.A.
That seems to be where everybody else ends up these days

And I will wait for you
As long as I need to
And if you ever get back to Hackensack
I’ll be here for you

Here are the full lyrics and thoughts from Jon Martin’s “Songs that Saved Your Life.” Here are Katy Perry’s version and a live version of the original.

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