“Seinfeld and the Law: ‘A Seminar About Nothing'”

A Continuing Legal Education online seminar available in South Carolina:

Fans of the famous 90`s sitcom, Seinfeld, may not have realized it, but they were watching a show rife with complex legal issues. Not only were there numerous lawsuits and potential lawsuits within the storyline of the show, but one episode even sparked a real-world suit against the network. In this unique seminar, Robert Rushing uses the milieu of Seinfeld to discuss a wide range of legal concepts. Don`t miss this chance to brush up your legal knowledge in a unique and entertaining way.

The following is a list of each episode mentioned and the related legal issues:

“The Puffy Shirt” – Contract law, meeting of the minds, the Mirror Image Rule, damages
“The Wink” – Real property conveyances, contract law, actionable conversions
“The Old Man” – Elder law, conservatorship, competency, informal agreements
“The Seven” – Contract law, promises, rhetoricals, warranties, ADR, quantum meruit
“The Soup” – Real property
“The Soup Nazi”- Libel, false light cases, intellectual property (real-world lawsuit)
“The Serenity Now” – Products liability, disclaimers, causation
“The Alternate Side” – Tort law, proximate cause, liability and agency
“The Pie” – Tort law, intellectual property
“The Sniffing Accountant”- Libel, slander per se (in-show lawsuit)
“Newman`s Speeding Ticket” – Ethics, perjury, Rule 303
“The Marlborough Man” – Ethics, ex parte communication, Rule 7-104 (in-show lawsuit)
“The Finale” – Character evidence, modus operandi, relevancy (in-show criminal trial)

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