Opinio Juris Copenhagen Postings

Over at Opinio Juris this week, a special lineup of international law experts blogging on Copenhagen – addressing topics ranging from proposals to pay for things to the questions of how whatever emerges is supposed to be enforced.  It’s a highly expert group of guest bloggers, often in quite technical terms of either law or economics or other things, but if you want a sense of the technical level debates, this is a good group to read.  (It is not a group of skeptics, far from it, please be aware; you have to start from where they start in order for it to make sense, regardless of where you start.  Climate change and the desirability of doing all sorts of radical things is taken for granted, so you have to read starting from those assumptions.  I myself am agnostic about the science, although trending more skeptical as the scientists are starting to look more like priests and preachers; and definitely skeptical about the way in which Copenhagen is approaching the cost benefit analysis issues even on the assumption of climate change.)

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