Reader Poll on the New West Casebook Covers

For many decades, casebooks by the West Publishing Company have featured a brown faux leather look with gold print. The first edition of my Computer Crime Law casebook came out in 2006, and it had the traditional cover:


A few months ago, West introduced a new casebook cover.   Yes, it’s true: A new cover.  The new casebook covers are dark grey and black with a canvas look and silver print. The second edition of my casebook published just last month has the new cover, and it looks like this:


This change calls for a VC reader poll.  It may ask the most important question you answer all week: Which do you like better, the old cover or the new cover?

Because precision matters on such criticial questions, I’ll give you five choices:

Which West Cover is Better?
The new covers are much better
The new covers are a little better
I have no preference/ no opinion
The old covers were a little better
The old covers were much better
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UPDATE: My apologies for the very strange formatting of the poll. I don’t know exactly what is happening, but it may be an interaction between the Pollhost coding and WordPress or the photouploads. I’ve adjusted the width in the html coding, but it appears to make no difference. Oh well.

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