Boycotting Yoo

The San Francisco Chronicle reports the National Lawyers Guild and several Berkeley student¬† organizations are pressuring a state government attorney to drop plans to co-teach a class on “Constitutional Design and the California Constitution” with former OLC attorney John Yoo.

“By instructing a class with Mr. Yoo, you are helping to legitimize his illegal and unethical actions,” organizations led by the National Lawyers Guild said Tuesday in an open letter to Deputy Attorney General David Carrillo, a doctoral candidate and instructor at the university’s Boalt Hall law school.

They asked Carrillo either to teach the course by himself, if the school will allow it, or to leave it to Yoo. Signers included the law school’s chapter of La Raza Law Students Association and the Boalt Alliance to Abolish Torture.

The class is scheduled to begin January 11, and 23 of 24 spots are filled.  (LvHA)

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