Blogs – New and Improved

Some developments in blogosphere.

  • The Business Law Prof Blog has re-opened for business, and it’s something of an Ohio enterprise.  The four contributors are Stefan J. Padfield (Akron), Eric Chaffee (Dayton), Michael Borden (Cleveland-Marshall), and J. Scott Colesanti (Hofstra).
  • The University of Pennsylvania Program on Regulation has launched a new regulatory blog called, appropriately enough, RegBlog.  It’s overseen by Cary Coglianese, though it appears many of his law school (and university) colleagues will contribute as well.
  • The Austrian Economists blog has a new name (and address): Coordination Problem.  Pete Boettke explains the name change here.  I think it’s a smart move, as the phrase “Austrian economics” is all too often associated with the idiosyncratic ideological views of a few vocal proponents, and not the school of economic thought that developed from the work of F.A. Hayek, Ludwig von Mises, Carl Menger, and Eugen Böhm-Bawerk (among others), and was popularized by Henry Hazlitt.

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