Bruce Bawer on the Muhammad Cartoon Attack

Follow up to Eugene’s post on the Muhammad Cartoon attack … see Bruce Bawer’s article in City Journal, “While Europe Sneered.” And although I received a comp copy of the Voltaire Project printing of the cartoons, I have ordered a paid copy and have requested that my school’s library order the book.  Please consider doing the same.  When I am in Paris, I make a point of visiting the Pantheon to lay flowers at Voltaire’s tomb.

Now I have a question … I have been finishing a section of my book on UN-US relations on the US-Egypt expression-religion provision offered by the Obama administration a few months ago as part of its “engagement” policy in the UN Human Rights Council.  I am critical, to say the least, as will surprise no one.  I have also read lots and lots and lots on the whole religion-speech controversy in the UN, going back to its origins up to its current argument.  But I want to be sure to cover the bases.  What would readers point me to as the best articles or discussions on this issue, specifically at the UN?  Academic or otherwise?

Also, side note, does anyone know who or what office at State was responsible for coming up with this language?  Was it developed out of the UN mission?  I thought it was the assistant secretary for human rights, democracy, labor, but perhaps I am wrong.  What office was responsible for developing this language?

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