Any U.S. District of Colorado Bar Members Who Could Act as Local Counsel on an Amicus Brief, Due Monday?

An unusual bleg: I’d like to file a pro bono amicus brief (on my own behalf) by Monday, January 11, in the U.S. District of Colorado. It appears, though, that to do that I’d have to join the District of Colorado bar and sign up for the District’s CM/ECF system. I thought that if any of you might be able and willing to do me a favor by being local counsel for me, I could avoid all that. Naturally I would gladly reimburse you for any relevant filing fees; and I doubt that there’d be any conflict difficulties for any of you, for reasons I’ll happily explain if you’re potentially interested.

If you are indeed potentially interested, please e-mail me at volokh at law dot ucla dot edu and let me know — I’d then let you know more about the case, so you can make sure that this is indeed something you would like to do. Many thanks!

UPDATE: Thanks very much to those who responded; I’ve arranged things with the first person I heard from, and it looks I’m all set now. Much appreciate the help.

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