Bloggers agree: Dems will keep House in November; Obama economic performance not good

This week’s National Journal poll of political bloggers asked for a prediction about how many House seats the Democrats would lose in the November 2010 elections. Significantly, not one of the bloggers predicted a large enough loss to change control of the chamber.  On the Right, 45% predicted a loss of 31-40 seats, while the rest predicted lower. On the Left, the median was in the 11-20 range.

The second question asked for a grade on President Obama’s economic performance. The Left gave him a C-, while the Right awarded a D-. I voted for F: “Taking the irresponsible Bush deficits and making them much, much worse. Spending vast amounts of the ‘stimulus’ on wasteful pork, giveaways and political payoffs rather than infrastructure or other useful projects. Continuing the Bush TARP program of transferring wealth from productive working people to the bankers who helped cause the meltdown. And turning the auto industry into a federal welfare program.”